Frequently asked questions

Are your products made for people with curly hair?

My products are made for all hair types and work best on dry hair, leaving hair healthy and moisturized.

Does your products get rid of eczema?

My Shea Butters, Facial Wash and Hair, Skin & Nail Oil have healed eczema for children and adult, leaving their skin clear and free from hyperpigmentation.

Does your Shea Butters melt in the summer during the shipping process?

98% of my Shea Butter orders reach their destination without melting. My shea butter is organic and will melt naturally in severe heat. I securely package all of my shea butters prior to shipment to ensure that they reach my clients without damages.

Can I use Shea Butter on my face?

Shea Butters is best when used to moisturize your body. However, it can be used on the face in small amounts if you suffer from dry skin. I would recommend using a facial moisturizer for your face and Shea Butter for your body.

Does Shea Butter get rid of blemishes and scars?

Yes, my Shea Butter is great for getting rid of blemishes and hyperpigmentation.

Do you use raw Shea Butter or processed Shea Butter?

I use raw, unprocessed Shea Butter from Ghana.

Does Shea Butter go bad?

Raw, unrefined Shea Butter will last between 3 and 4 years.